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samyang 12mm AF ibis problem


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On 3/6/2022 at 9:11 PM, cpX said:

What kind of IBIS problem ? On which digital camera ?

I've heard that it's only on the x-s10, but fine on the xt4. I can't find any new info about it. It's not clear how you would even update the firmware if they do a update. 

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On 3/14/2022 at 3:06 PM, cpX said:

Firmare updates are always described exactly when you download the latest firmware on the Fujifilm websites.

the bug has not been patched yet, it would require the Samyang lens station for fuij which is about £59 but useless atm as there is no files available. I doubt that fuji would patch this issue for Samyang. 

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I got the same problem with X-T4 IBIS and this lens.

Tried stabilization ON and OFF on my X-T4 today but it seems like there's "almost" no difference between the two. There's something wrong with it, is clear.

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Unfortunately, I have the same issue with my Xs 10. Sent a message to support Samyang. This is their reply


Dear Customer



Thank you for your inquiry mail.


We already confirmed that IBIS doesn't work properly on Fuji Camera.

Therefore, we are under the improving the performance through the firmware.

It seems will complete in the first half of the year. ( But, It could be takes more time. )

We will notify through the our official web-page when it complete the improvement.



Thank you very much!


Best Regards


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