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Just an FYI to everyone, repairs can be very expensive.

In January, the point focus-checking screen became stuck in the "up" position. See pic.

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So, I took it in to the local Fujifilm importer, which is based in Singapore. A week later I was informed that it would have to be shipped to Singapore to be fixed, and this could take 2-3 months "due to the pandemic." Okay. What am I going to do?

Today, nearly 2 months later, I finally heard back that the cost of the repair would be $730 USD. I've had it nearly 2 years, so it's out of warranty. 

I asked why the whole "Lens Const" needed to be changed when it was a viewfinder problem. I was quickly informed that the lens+viewfinder is one integrated part and cannot be changed separately.

So, they've got me over a barrel. I don't think anyone is trying to rip me off, but just wanted to share and warn you that a repair -- and not one due to dropping the camera or other trauma -- can be traumatic to the owner's bottom line. :-)

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That seems way high - here is the UK there is a fixed price which depends on camera model - for the X-100V it is £155 (at current exchange rates it would be about 220USD)

"All prices include parts and labour, VAT, delivery back to a UK address and a renewed twelve month manufacturer's warranty on the entire product. "

There is a caveat about parts no longer being available but that shouldn't apply to that camera.

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Finally got my camera back! It was out of my hands and in Singapore for 107 days! The cost was indeed $730 USD. But the good news is that the new parts have a 3-month warrantee! I cannot complain at all about the local (Cambodian) end of the business. They were nothing but helpful and seemed shocked that the repair cost was so high. They loaned me an X100F for a couple of months and all I had to do was put half the repair cost down as a deposit.

In the end I decided that even though the cost was almost prohibitive, I didn't really have much of a choice in the matter (if I could afford it). So, I'm pleased-ish that it's finally back in my possession, working good a new.

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