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X-Pro2 Dirty EVF

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Any idea on how to clean a dirty EVF, no dust on the sensor, no dust on the optical vf, dirt appears while looking through the EVF but is not present on the digital file, any recommendations on how to clean it? thank you!

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From what you describe it sounds like dirt/dust is on the EVF panel inside the camera. Normally you can't clean that with a blower. The hybrid viewfinder of the X-Pro (all versions) is a very delicate mechanism. The TFT-panel of the X-Pro2 slides in place when you activate the EVF feature.

Though Fujifilm claims that the X-Pro2 is Weather Resistant (WR) they didn't do a very good job. There are three areas that appear esp. sensitive to dust and moist getting into the camera (apart from the mount of course): a) the collar around the on/off switch, b) the back dial and c) the diopter wheel.

As soon as there's dirt/dust inside the viewfinder don't try to remove it yourself. Send it to Fuji support for some internal cleaning if it really bugs you, but be prepared to wait for a couple of weeks before your camera is returned. Using strong dust blowers (esp. a can of compressed air) to clean on the inside of a camera often make things worse.

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