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Fujifilm NP-W235 battery for X-T4 dead?

James G.

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I went to use my X-T4 and its battery was dead. I've plugged it into the charger (Fujifilm BC-W235), but it doesn't seem to be charging, staying on 0%. It hasn't had much use. I can't tell if it is the one that came with my X-T4, or the spare I bought. The one that won't charge has the code "20 05 25A" on it, and the other has "20 02 20A".

It is a couple of months since I used the camera, but I have had this happen before after a shorter time interval, so I suspect I may have a duff battery.

Now leaving it plugged in, in the hope that it will charge.

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Fortunately the battery is not dead. The confusing behaviour was caused by plugging the charger into a USB-A port of my Anker power supply instead of the USB-C PD port. So it was operator error!

Interestingly, when you plug the charger into USB-A, it only charges one of the two batteries at a time, and charges the one with the most remaining charge first.

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