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View finder - good. Final image - bad


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I'm new to my X-T4, but battling with something that happened to me.

Taking a passport photo for a child, in the viewfinder, the image looked great. Snapped the photo. But when I 'play' to view it - the photo was extremely dark. I thought, what you see in the view finder - is what you'll get. I'm mistaken I guess. Is this normal for a novice? I fixed it by going fully auto - as I was unable to work out why that happened. And Auto gave me good exposure.

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It's quite puzzling to see such discrepancies between the viewfinder and the final image. Factors like exposure, white balance, or even some specific camera settings could be causing this issue. Have you tried resetting your camera to its factory settings or updating its firmware? That might be a good starting point.

On another note, when talking about images and requirements, I recently came across an online platform that helps users understand specific image requirements for various documents across different countries. This might be a bit off-topic, but for anyone who ever struggles with getting the right photo for passports or visas, it's a lifesaver.

Back to your issue, I hope you get it sorted soon! It can be quite frustrating to not get the results you see in the viewfinder.

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