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problem with saving and displaying images

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This could be a result of a variety of issues:

- using defect or incompatible SD cards: make sure you use only the Fujifilm recommended SD cards and format them every time in the camera. Switch off the camera before taking the SD cards out/in.

- whenever you take the SD cards out to check images on a computer and put them back in without reformatting, make sure you put the same SD card in the same slot. Don't switch card 1 + 2 if you use 2 cards.

- whenever your computer has performed a write action to the card (e.g. deleting images after importing), make sure you reformat the card in the camera.

- whenever you only use 1 card, make sure it's in slot 1.

- check the menu options in the SET UP/Safe Data Setting menu. Check if your images go to a different folder?

- do you experience error messages (like: error writing to card) or unexpected restart requests (like: please turn off your camera)? If so, that could mean a defect in your camera.

I've used Fujifilm X and GFX cameras since 2012 (GFX since 2016) for a part of that time also professionally and I've had different issues with some of them related to writing images to SD cards. I can only say that Fujifilm cameras seem more susceptible to these issues, since I've never had this with other brands. For me it was part of the reason to stop using them for professional work. My trusted X-Pro2 will stay with me and never had any of those issues. On the other hand/end, the X-H1 was notorious.

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