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Gear stolen....insurance covered it. Help with new gear.


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OK, so I ditched Nikon a few years ago after decades.  Got tired of waiting for them to do a manual centric camera.  I went with the X-Pro 2 and several lenses.  I have enjoyed the X-Pro (I won't say it matched my D700 but it did fulfill an aesthetic I wanted).

Anyway, a couple weeks ago while I was at a chair building get together (woodworking), someone reached in the window overnight and grabbed my camera with my 16mm on it.  Not devastating because I had only shot a few frames and the gear was covered (I actually made money since I bought both when they came out and their were huge rebates).

My conundrum is this.  I know I don't want a X-Pro 3 (don't like the rear screen).  So that leaves me with grabbing a used X-Pro 2 (something I'm not against) or waiting.  I know Fuji is launching new bodies in the next few months but I'm not sure what to do.  Do I wait to see if there will be a 4?  I'm almost certain I'm not interested in anything but a rangefinder, which leaves things pretty limited.

Any suggestions welcome.

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there will for sure be an x-pro4...most likely not this year and depending on how true the other rumors are, it might come in 2024

you could go for an x-e4: still rangefinder, normal screen...it's just that it's considered entry level although it has the latest sensor and processor, so what you'd be giving up on over an x-pro would be the optical viewfinder and bigger size

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Based on the past release schedule of the X-Pro cameras, I don't expect a new version before 2nd half 2023. The X-Pro3 is a niche camera for Fujifilm and the downward tilting screen was pretty controversial, combined with the steep pricing, leading to much lower sales numbers than the X-Pro2 reached at its peak (according to a friend who runs a large online cameras store in Europe). That could mean either a revised approach (e.g. an X100V-style LCD) or a delay in introduction of the X-Pro4 altogether.

By the way, the X-Pro isn't actually a rangefinder camera. That is a term for a specific way of focusing. We could call it 'rangefinder-style' due to the OVF being positioned to the left. If you want a true rangefinder the Leica M cameras are the only current option to my knowledge. 

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I'm still without a camera and I need one!

Just don't know what to do.  I can't find a 2 refurbed or even really used.  Kinda screwed at this point.

I can get a brand new X-T3 for the same price as a KEH X-Pro2


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