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Portrait images are not sharp with X-T3 and 23 mm, why?

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Last summer I sold my whole Canon setup (5D mkiii, 35mm, and 85mm). I actually adored the setup I had, but the weight really bothered my body. I was very excited about the mirrorless cameras and their light weight. I went to my local camera shop and they talked me into buying the Fuji X-T3. I was a little nervous about it not being full-frame, but the shop assured me it could perform on a professional level. My first lens for the camera was the fujinon 23mm 1.4. I've been using it for portrait sessions (families, seniors, etc), and it's just not performing anywhere close to how my Canon setup performed. When I zoom in on the images, they are just not clear and crisp! Part of what I love to offer my clients is the ability to print their images bigger for wall art, etc. I don't feel like I can recommend they do that anymore. Do y'all think I need to go back to a full-frame camera? Or am I just doing something wrong with the X-T3? Thanks!

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Aren't you accidentally looking at the embedded previews in the raw files? They have a reduced resolution. When you look in-camera you best view at the processed jpegs when you shoot raw+jpeg. Some users separate raw+jpeg across the two card slots and review only slot 2 (the processed jpegs). When you assess the images on the computer, make sure that the full raw file is loaded instead of the preview.

Another suggestion is to look at focusing. Many people coming from a DSLR struggle a bit at first with mirrorless focusing. Make sure you have the right focus mode and shift the focus point to the desired location (joystick) rather than using the focus + recompose method.

Finally and in all honesty, no matter how good the X-T3 is, there's still a difference with full-frame. Esp. in lower light situations. I've used the 5D in various versions and it is a 'beast' of a camera. Depending on which 35 + 85 you've used, it was until recently the go-to camera for most professionals and for a good reason.

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