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X-T200 Auto Focus Issues: nighttime videography

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I use this camera for vlogging, and very rarely take still photos.  I'm having issues with nighttime video and auto focus. The camera hunts for focus excessively particularly during fireworks displays and other nighttime settings (amusement parks, cruise decks, etc.).  I have it set to continuous auto-focus.

Pretty much about to give up on this camera.  What are the recommended settings for this camera for video at night? Or do I need to use manual focus (or is that even possible for video)?

Thank you!


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you might expect too much out of any autofocus system...at night, with the subject dark and backlit? maybe a canon R3 might be able to achieve focus there...but certainly no low/mid tier fuji or any other brand for that matter

if you're vlogging, try manually focusing and maybe stopping down a bit to get adequate depth of field

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Are you using the XC 15-45mm kits lens?

That may be what is giving you some troubles, that one is not Fujifilm’s fastest focusing lens. It does have some low light issues while the body does fine when you put a faster focusing lens on it. Which lens to use depends on your budget and which focal range (how you intend to use it) you want. The XF 16-50mm is a constant f2.8, the 35mm f1.4 or 23mm f1.4 are well regarded for low light settings. The XF 18-55mm does fine work, but is not as fast as the others I mentioned.

Stopping down means setting a higher number f stop on the lens (or use the body to control the lens — you turn this on using the menu settings).

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