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Hello! ISO compact camera without interchangeable lens

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I'm looking into buying my first camera. I enjoy taking pictures..not for the purpose of posting or selling. I just enjoy the process and it makes me happy when I take a good one. I also enjoy editing them and playing with them later on. I take a picture of anything I like; a scenery, people, architecture, objects, food. I want to learn some of the technical stuff so too I can really get into it as a hobby. 

I definitely dont want to buy a bunch of lenses for it. I want a nice compact camera that is easy to carry around. Something with a good build would be a huge plus. After watching a bunch of youtubers and understanding the different brands, I like Fuji the most. So if anyone has any recommendations for a camera or and other info sources to learn more about photography, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you :)

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