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Are there any autofocus macro lens alternative fuji xf80mm macro?

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I'm looking autofocus macro lens. Fuji xf 80mm macro is the best macro lens but it is very expensive. I use samyang 100mm macro lens but it is manuel. I can't shoot good with manuel.


are there any alternatives for autofocus macro lens? Or can i make my manuel samyang 100mm macro lens gained an autofocus function? 

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The only other AF macro lens for Fuji is the 60mm.

Obviously you cannot retrofit autofocus onto a manual lens, but you can learn how to use manual focus. It's especially easy for macro! I suggest starting with Focus Peaking (High) in blue (or red/yellow depending on subject) and using a tripod. A focusing rail will make your life easier but it's not essential at the beginning.

I just bought a superbly sharp manual focus macro lens...it was a Micro-Nikkor 55mm f3.5 (used with an adapter obviously) and it cost a whopping $50 on eBay. The Samyang should also give great results.

The only reason I considered the Fuji 80mm was to get automatic focus stacking in camera, but the older lens has proper helicoid focusing so it's no problem to do that manually either.

4Q213529 645-DeNoiseAI342-clear-SharpenAI335-Focus (Small).jpg

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I use samyang lens at work. So i allways shut with flash. My settings; f32, 1/250, iso100. Before shutting, camera monitor looks so dark. İ change the lcd settings and it became bright. But there are very noise in screen, so i can't shure the focus area is true.

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