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Photos (RAW) shots with black and white filter with X100S come in color when uploaded on windows 10

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Filters don‘t apply to the raw daa (= unaltered sensor data). The displaying program has to interpret the information that the picture was meant to be using a filter as b/w. Not all programs will do this. You have to use or develop a JPG (can be done with the camera)

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Set your camera to shoot RAW and JPEG (best quality). Now you will see the film sims or other filters in the jpeg file.

RAW files are not affected by film sims or other filters.

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RAW files are the 'native output' of the sensor and if your camera sensor is a color sensor, it will be in color. Inside the RAW data however is a jpeg thumbnail as well as the jpeg settings (such as film simulations). Some RAW Processors (like Lightroom and Capture One) can read those settings and present the RAW file with the settings applied (like B&W). Others can't and just display the RAW file as is and you have to re-apply those settings yourself. Alternatively, you can have the camera create the jpeg for you with all the settings applied or connect your camera to your PC running FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO | Software | FUJIFILM X Series & GFX – Global (fujifilm-x.com). That software contains the same settings as your camera and uses the camera jpeg engine to re-create the jpegs for you.

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