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Slight variation on the viewfinder stuck curtain problem on X100V

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Turned on my X100V yesterday & noticed the EVF seemed odd. The "blackout" curtain/shutter isn't stuck half way, it's not there at all. But, the little corner spot-focus check screen is permanently "up." It doesn't move regardless of focus mode, EVF/OVF mode, etc. See attached picture. I've tried the "thumping" method, leaving the battery out for several hours, even reset the camera to factory settings -- all to no avail.

Before I take it into a service center, does anyone else have any ideas? 


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Well, I didn't really expect anyone here to have a magical solution for me to try. So, I took it into my local Fuji distributor/service center & they couldn't fix it here in Cambodia where I live, so it's off to Singapore. Still waiting to hear back about the repair cost, but I was told that, thanks to COVID, getting it there, fixed and back could be a 2-3 month process! Ugh.

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