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Hello and Happy New Year,

Im new to this forum and new into photography. I just picked up a XT3 with the kit lens 18-55 works really great, I'm not sure what kind Photographer I want to be lol can anyone help me in picking a good prime lens for an every day shoot instead of carrying a lot of lens around I would love any feed back on this.

thank you 

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On 1/1/2022 at 2:41 PM, Olaf W. said:

Welcome to our forum. The 18-55 is a pretty good lens. You could use it to determine your preferred focal length and order a prime afterwards.

I agree w Olaf.  The 18-55 is an EXCELLENT lens that will allow you to explore what you like to shoot, and what you wish to accomplish going forward.  Fuji has many excellent lenses available - and several "Red Badge" lenses that are pricier.  I'd work with the 18-55 for a while as you determine what you like to do, and in what lighting you need/like to work in.  The lighting issue will determine if you need the faster aperture lenses or not.

Best of luck and let us know as you progress.

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If you’re still pondering, I went through this last year 🙂.  I went with the 23mm f2.  I’ve owned a 35mm (50mm equivalent) before and really liked it but you often don’t have the space to back up. 
If you’re not sure which prime, I think most would say that’s a good start. 
FWIW, my reasoning for a prime was size basically as I have an X-30.  (Plus just hey, new lens 😂)

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