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How many bags do you have? What do you consider when buying a bag?

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#41 Dr.Nipun


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Posted 19 June 2016 - 09:38 PM

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Well I have quickly gone through all the comments here and found my place to response here. Most of the advices given here are absolutely precious. But I just want to mention two bags, although many here quite envy suggesting any brand. But searching for bags, especially online is a cumbersome process which I have faced recently. So I am gonna tell u my story and hopefully from there, some tips may help u.
So I purchased X-T10 recently with 18-55 lens. Immediately I had to buy a bag, so I bought a generic small holster style bag. While it is very light, cheap and compact, it can only fit my camera with attached lens, one other lens (a speedlight and it's remote trigger for me) and a few accessories like SD cards, batteries etc. And it also has a rain cover. But then I realize, it cannot accommodate if I want to expand my gears. So I wanted something that fulfills all my needs. My needs are:

1. It should accommodate my camera with an attached lens, 2 other lens, 2 flash lights, 1 remote trigger for Flash, all my ND filters, batteries, chargers, SD cards, remote trigger, maybe a portable power bank and few cables etc. Laptop may or may not be. And obviously a portable reflector.

2. Then I was stuck between messenger and backpacks. Backpacks are generally more comfortable for long periods and holds more equipments than anything and also u can carry ur tripod with some of them. On the other hand, they are not quick enough to take out yr gears and most of them have to be put down of the ground to pull out yr things. Plus backpacks are not for all the situations. I am a grown up person. I cannot carry backpacks everywhere. So here comes the messenger bags. But all those advantages that backpacks have, are mostly absent for messenger style bags. And then I kept looking and looking and found 2 bags that are awesome and almost fulfil my needs.


4. Peakdesign's one I saw first and it was a revolutionary bag. U can see their kickstarter page and u will not believe how much they were backed up for their goal. It was huge, considering their asking amount. Anyway so I went through the YouTube reviews and there are tons of them and 99% were very positive about it. So I was also about to buy it and then I saw the price tag. It is expensive. Not the most expensive bag ever, but it is. Actually I was willing to pay fortune (considering my financial condition) for a good bag, as somewhere I saw, the bag is one of those things for which u shouldn't sacrifice the quality, just like tripods, otherwise u will keep searching and buying bags and ultimately u will pay way more than that one good quality bag if u had bought it. But this one was way above my league. So anyway I searched in Google for best camera bag brands and few names popped up like Think-tank, Onba, Tenba etc. Then I went into Tenba's website and found their DNA bags and their promo videos. I should be honest here, there are some promotions that u see and u just believe it. There may be some hypes, but no bullshit. It was like that. That skinny guy saying and showing all the qualities and features of Tenba DNA bags (which seemed honest) and that sumo guy trying to tear everything and failing (which seemed a bit hype but I got their point), really convinced me. It has all the nits and bits that u can ask from a messenger camera bag, just like Peakdesign's one. When someone really gives emphasis on those little details, then u know they care for that product. U should check them both. Plus it is almost 100 pounds cheaper than Peakdesign's. Then I went through the reviews in Amazon n everywhere. Although there aren't much for this unlike Peakdesign's one's but all the reviews are very overwhelming. So I just ordered for it.

4. But critical decision for me was to choose the size of the bag. It has 8", 11", 13" & 15" inch version. While 8" & 11" are very good and compact and portable and yet carry a lot of gears for a mirrorless camera, it couldn't fulfil a few needs that I had. I need to carry 2 flash lights and a portable reflector along side lens which these 2 bags couldn't accommodate. So I have to choose between 13" & 15". Now I really liked the 13" one as it was just the perfect size for me (being an average height Asian guy) and it could accommodate all my requirements except my 15" laptop. I could ignore carrying the laptop with me or carry another backpack, but then it totally kills the purpose of buying such an expensive bag which is supposed to be an all-in-one bag. So I should buy a 13" laptop also to accommodate in that, right? Hearing this even any mad guy will also laugh, right? But.....I considered that too. Then I found, all the 13" inch laptops (preferably affordable portable good quality ones and 2-in-1s) have some sacrifices like less storage and lack of graphics card or they are still way too expensive. So I am not just quite ready to take that jump. So I ordered the 15" one. Although most people said in their reviews it's not quite big, I know my laptop and I believe it will look and feel big for me, but then hey I can carry everything with me, right?

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#42 Dr.Nipun


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Posted 19 June 2016 - 09:41 PM

5. So striking features for me to buy this bag are: can accommodate everything I have and want, quick access top chain so that u don't have to pull up the whole front flap of the bag to pull out or in ur camera and it is water resistant as well as it has rain cover plus it is good looking.

So I thank u for reading my longest feedback (which even crosses the highest word limit for messaging of the group) and I will be glad if this could help u. I will keep u updated with my feedback after I get the bag in hand and use it. Thanks again.

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#43 Tom H.

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Posted 15 July 2016 - 03:27 AM

As a professional traveller, what I look for is:

Rugged material, resistant to scratches or should look well when aged. So fabric or leather.

Sturdy seams. If a seam fails, everything might fall out.

It should at no point look like a camera bag, nor should it look expensive. This only makes it a target.

It should not be too easy to open. I keep my camera on a strap the whole day, unless I'm sure I don't need it. The bag is for stowage only.

If should be small and fold flat when not in use, so I can squeeze it into my usually very full suitcase.

Currently the bag that fits that purpose is my think tank retrospective 5. I did remove all the padding and I removed the shoulder pad.

I may add one of those peak design backpacks next year, after their kickstarter is over, for when I need to haul more.

#44 Tikcus


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Posted 16 July 2016 - 09:51 PM

I have 2 bags


first is a lowpro 35L AW Nova Sport, shoulder bag.


This is a specious bag, which is just small enough for hand luggage for air travel.


It has a water proof pull over cover, enugh space for more gear than I carry.


I got this bag specifically for a trip to New York, and I find shoulder bags more comfortable  (read easier on my back) than a back pack, I wanted something that filled 4 main criteria.


1. Allowed in hand luggage on British Airways flights

2. Is Water Proof

3. Can carry my 12" laptop

4. Can carry my X-T10 3 lenses and accessories


My other bag is an Amazon basics backpack with laptop compartment.


I use this bag when i'm out cycling.



both bags are light (when empty) but either can carry more equipment than I need.


I'm tempted to pick up a 3rd smaller shoulder bag, big enough for a single body with the 18mm or 35mm lens mounted a spare battery for street (at some point maybe)

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#45 johant


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Posted 25 July 2016 - 07:47 PM

I am down to two bags; a small LowePro which fits my X-Pro1 with a 1.4/35mm lens attached, plus some spare batteries. The other one is a LowePro Nova 4, which fits two X-cameras with small/medium primes attached, one or two additional lenses, plus some accessories.

#46 MacPhail


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Posted 26 July 2016 - 04:42 PM

I have a Billingham Hadley Pro for my X-T1 and love it (bought it used on eBay).  It was handy as carry on for my recent trip to Canada, holding the following:


* X-T1 with 35mm F2

* 16mm

* iPad Mini

* Passports and papers

* A few filters/adapters


While in Canada, it was handy as I was able to remove the liner that was holding the camera equipment and use the bag to carry my stuff for the gym (shorts, travel towel, Vibrams, shirt, socks, undies, and toiletries).

#47 Warwick


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Posted 26 July 2016 - 08:30 PM

I have 2 Billinghams, all black with silver buckles. I have a Hadley Digital, which fits my XPro2 with a lens on, 2 spare lenses, tabletop tripod, spare batteries, lenspen and charger. Then I have a Hadley Small for those occasions when I want to carry flashes and more kit.

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#48 Max_Elmar


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Posted 26 July 2016 - 09:14 PM

I have an older (NLA) Domke F-804 - a rather large canvas messenger bag that gets used as a general purpose briefcase/camera bag/laptop bag for work. Could be anything in there. Usually 1 body, a lens or two, an iPad, and/or a MBP, and 5 lbs. of tools, flashlights, gaffer tape, change of underwear, tie, etc.


I just bought a black canvas Domke F-803 as my main Fuji bag. Similar to above, but about 1/2 the size. Not a big bag, but easily holds X-E1+2 bodies, 12/2, 18/2, 35/1.4, 60/2.4 & 50-230, flash, extra batteries, etc.


I have been using (and still use) a small Tamrac ballistic nylon bag - which can hold an X-E body/lens and 1 or 2 other small lenses. Great for a small subset of gear. It's nearly 20 years old - my Leica IIIc lived in there for years!


I have a Case Logic backpack for my DSLR gear - Nikon D7000 or D800, 17-55/2.8, 80-200/2.8, 300/4, 35/1.8, 50/1.4, SB-600 + misc. stuff - goes to swim meets, big events.


All these bags get used on a regular basis - with equipment swapped around as needed..

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