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Using USB C port of PC


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You should be able to. The connector in the X-T3 is USB Type C 3.1 gen 1 which tops out at 5gbs. As long as the computer is at least this speed or faster, you should be able to get fairly quick transfer times (I say this because the connector is by itself just that, a connector only, the speeds being used must be checked, some devices updated to the Type C connector but kept the older USB 2 speeds). Make sure the cable also supports the speeds!

As far as benefits go, this page lists some of them:



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Well the camera has to have a proper battery put in it at the time. 😀

Turn the camera off, connect it to the computer, turn the computer on and a short time after the computer gets going, the green light on the back of the camera should turn on, indicating the battery is being charged. But there is something to note: the USB port on the computer must be one that supplies power, some do not, —— it is usual that most of them do though there are some that are data only and some that are power only.

If you turn the camera on, battery charging stops and data stuff starts.


p.s. It occurred to me after re-reading this you might be wanting to use the USB port to run the camera without worrying about the battery. I have read of people using chargers designed to charge battery packs using the USB PD port protocol (essentially 9v around 1.5a or so).

I have not tried this, and while it sounds feasible in theory, you should ask a Fujifilm representative if this is okay, so that it does not mess up your camera and void the warranty.

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