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Studio strobe use; unable to use LCD screen / viewfinder


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Newly acquired X-T2 to use with my studio strobe. Remote trigger attached to camera hot shoe which does fire the strobe when shutter pressed. Using a 1.4 manual focus lens however I have to set the lens to 1.4 where I can view the subject, as a result all photos are overexposed. I stop down the lens to 5.6 but now I'm unable to see anything in the viewfinder of LCD.

I'm set to manual focus or single focus. I'm so use to using my D500 where I can view the subject while lens is not stopped down prior to shutter release. I'm unable to find a way to continuously view the subject on the LCD with this type of lens(Viltrox 35 1.4 AF). The solution has seemed to have alluded me. I'm open to any suggestions. Thank you!

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