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18-55 will not lock to XT-20


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Was just shooting this morning with my 18-55 and XT-20 and all was well. Picked it up this afternoon and screen was grayed out and showing f 0. Checked the lens and it is not locked to the body. Tried another lens (23 F2 WR) and everything works fine. 18-55 still will not lock to the camera and is not functioning.

Any ideas? Thanks

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Check the mounting plate on the rear of the 18-55.  Make sure the screws are tight. Sometimes they come loose, and will interfere with mounting.  I have two copies of the 18-55 and my one copy has had that happen due to constant use. I would also clean the contact points on the lens just for sh*ts and giggles.

Doesn't sound like it's the camera body itself if other lenses work.

Let us know how you make out.

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Thanks Jorge,

I checked all of the screws and they are tight. I have now discovered that the lens is looseing contact with points if rotated all the way onto the camera. Rotating it back just a bit will put the lens back into operation. The lens is still not locking onto the body. I have had this lens for years with moderate and careful use. Disappointing. My other prime lens works fine on the body so I agree that it is the lens. Any repair shop recommendations? I'm on the west coast.

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