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Pretty much a smaller X-Pro2 minus the OVF.

For me it would be enough to put the specs of the X-T10 into a X-E3! Tilt screen is my most wanted.

First of all, I bought the X-E2 because I liked the "rangefinder-like" feel and the "film-like" sensor. It also fits perfectly in my hand and suits my shooting style. As I used the camera and became f

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I'd like to see IBIS for us prime lens users and a tilt screen but other than the addition of the X-E2s improvements that would be about it for me.


Plus a side (rather than base) card slot like the X-T1 would be pretty handy. Have to say that the XE-2 is my favourite Fuji camera, so any improvements would be rather nice!

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Aside from the optical view finder, what hardware features could you live without for a camera body 2/3 to 1/2 the price of the X-Pro 2?


Assume a notional X-E3, and other variants like the X-Ts, would use the same sensor as the X-Pro 2. What should a lower-cost, potentially simpler like X-As, camera look like that could capture more casual users? Which expert controls could you live with being transferred to software to reduce the component count?

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I'd like to have an X-Pro 2 minus OVF, plus tilt screen in X-E2 size.



Pretty much this.


I absolutely adore the X-Pro2, but half the reason I got rid of my full size SLR (Canon 5D2) was that I was still doing all my shooting with a Rebel even though I had this big beautiful body sitting there.

Even with a 400mm lens, having a compact body is important because the camera is constantly rubbing against your body when you go hiking, and I can fit a compact body in my lens case, and the lens with body can be packed together, and even if you have a smaller lens, running around every day with an obviously high end camera paints you as a target for thugs and junkies. Not to mention I can be as hazardous to my own equipment as anyone.


I don't actually want an OVF either. I mean, I "want" one, but I all the functionality I need is on the EVF (manual focusing wide aperture lenses, intuitive awareness of exposure, etc...), the way I want to shoot a Fuji is with the EVF. So that would make the X-T2 a prime candidate, but I still want the rangefinder layout. Having room for my nose sounds nice, and again, I don't want the hump so that my camera packs better.


The X-E3 is the body I want, both the price and the layout.

The only thing I "need" from Fuji in the X-E3 is the new sensor and new menus, that's why I don't have an X-E2 right now, by the time I knew I wanted one it seemed like the system was ripe for an upgrade.

Priority List.

1. New Sensor and Processor (Lots of Pixels and good High ISO)

2. UI improvements (Menu and Button Layout).

3. Tilt Screen

4. Make sure it still has an ISO dial.

5. More battery is always nice (400 shots would be good)

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I would like to see the ISO dial from the X-Pro 2, a tilting LCD, as well as the new sensor and improved AF. I shoot in varying light conditions and frequently change ISO, so having to go use a menu for ISO was one of the reasons I frequently take the X-T1 instead. The AF is the other, but that should be taken care of shortly.

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I don't get it. Putting ISO on an Fn button and changing it with the thumbwheel is much faster and more direct than the hardware controls, especially the weird ones Fuji comes up with ...


If you don't have a top display, the dials are a bit easier as you actually know where the settings are. But most would use the Auto ISO anyway.


I rarely turn the ISO dial, usually it goes from Auto to 400 and 6400 when really in low light and I need some more speed.

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I don't get it. Putting ISO on an Fn button and changing it with the thumbwheel is much faster and more direct than the hardware controls, especially the weird ones Fuji comes up with ...

personally I love the dials on my X-T1. I can see all the settings with the camera off or not up to my face. Before using my X100T, I never used auto ISO. It does come in handy, but I don't always want to rely on auto exposure.
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I understand the appeal of the dial – I like it myself on my X-T1, but it certainly is slower, less fluid when in a quick changing environment and the frigging lock button is just a pain in the rear.


So, while I applaud the idea, the implementation falls far short of what it could have been. Let's hope for the best on the X-T2. Although I believe it'll just get a re-org and might work in the same slow and awkward way of the X-Pro2. Which is also super cool, but again, slow to use compared to "button + general purpose dial". 

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I understand the appeal of the dial – I like it myself on my X-T1, but it certainly is slower, less fluid when in a quick changing environment and the frigging lock button is just a pain in the rear.



I also hate the ISO dial on the X-T1, but eventually I still got used to it. My workflow changed to adapt that silly dial.


But yeah, I still don't know why they didn't made it clickable, press it once and you are on free roll ISO, press it again and you lock it down. I would have loved it so much more that way.

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For me, the hybrid view finder on the X-Pro is a neat feature but not really that useful at long focal lengths. I typically look through the viewfinder with both eyes open and only close the left eye to concentrate on reading the information from the electronic portion. When tracking targets, i have both eyes open so it is nice to see the close-up view in the right eye using just the EVF rather than a small box representing lens field of view. Maybe this sounds weird and I am missing something an OVF would provide.


Anyway, there are a few opportunities to trim cost on a notional X-E3 based off the X-Pro2:

Hybrid VF -> EVF

Remove ISO from the shutter speed dial to lower the dial's complexity

Remove joystick (as much as I like the concept), perhaps one or two of the programmable or more remote buttons attached inside by long flexes, then transfer some of the functions to software


If enough money is saved maybe a touch tilt screen can be added. (A tilt screen is more easily damaged than a fixed one, adds a lot of mechanical complexity, and divides the camera body into two, sealed pieces, some structure, and a sealed electrical cable between. It is very useful but not without significant cost and reliability impacts, which Fujifilm would transfer to the customers.) An OLED display with an integrated touch sensor costs more than a LCD but is visible over a much wider field of view. Hopefully, it can be dimmed more than the LCD, too. (As another side note, the front of the camera and the image sensor should measure subject luminance levels and adjust both the OVF and rear display luminance to better match. It is inconvenient for me to be blinded by the camera in dim environments.)

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You want a smaller body? Bux X-T10. You want less retro looking? Buy any X-T. X-E3 should be X-Pro 2 minus OVF minus weather sealing minus joystick = affordable 24 MP with new processor!

Ditto that.  And don't make it bigger or heavier than E2!

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I don't see why people would want the joystick removed, but if we can change AF points with a touchscreen then it's mostly moot.


No, it's not. With the joystick it is super simple to move the AF point while you are looking through the viewfinder. It's impossible to use a touchscreen then. 

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I think I've mentioned this else where and I think this may apply to more than just the X-Ex series:


Exposure bracketing allows you a maximum range of +1/0/-1 stops.  I really want the option for +2/0/-2 stops.  I some landscape handheld HDR is very, very useful.  -/1 one stop is not enough, however.   I'm not a big fan of the HDR "look" but it a useful capability in some situations when you just want/need more DR.  I can do it now if I have a tripod but that is not always the case - plus lugging a tripod kind of goies against the whole X-E1/2/3 idea..

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With regards to the ISO dial; on my X-E2 I have my four way dial setup like this:


Left - ISO

Up - AF Mode

Right - Flash Compensation

Down - AF point select


With it set like this I find I can do pretty much all I want for focus and exposure, with just my right hand thumb, without taking my eye away from the viewfinder. From what I understand with the ISO dial and the lock button on the X-T1 and the X-Pro I think I would prefer the ISO working the way I currently have it set.

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With FW 4.0, my list is getting pretty short. New sensor is essential and a joystick would be nice. Dual SD card slots, UHS2 please. Compressed RAF files (optional), please. More weather seals, yes! Tilting screen would be nice if possible within the form factor. I feel the touchscreen and the locking ISO dial are unnecessary - but I wouldn't turn them down...

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Reading this thread from the beginning one can almost imagine the Fuji firmware development team reading    the thoughts and wishes of the fuji users here ....certainly the desire to have as much of the xt 10 capabilities  in the hoped for xe3 ... of course the xe2s was a bit of a let down ...a very limited refresh.......but it provides a fresh model at a much reduced price for those existing Fuji faithful and newcomer to Fuji  to own a quality body at a very fair price ....in that regard it makes sense.


How remarkable it is that Fuji turned my aging xe 2 into a completely new camera  with the latest firmware ...i would guess that this is the most significant  camera software refresh in the history of   firmware camera update   ....certainly no other company comes close to fujis respect and interest of seeing past gear in the hands of their customers perform at the highest level possible .....they remain a remarkable  camera and lens maker


My wish for an xe3  is a compact version, as far as its possible, of the x pro 2.... with as much speed  and buffer as possible ,and the latest sensor  naturally .


I would also like a mode for low light  that uses 12 mp res in the 24 mp sensor rearranging the pixels tasks to  better low light and dynamic , range  for night photography.

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    • By itchy shutter finger
      1.   IS Shortcut
      2.   Focal Length in Information Display
      3.   Y Axis Level Indicator
      4.   Multiple Exposures >2
      For my purposes, the FujiFilm X-E3 is the most near perfect system on the market. Note that I said "near perfect". I very carefully made my body selection based on feature set and minimalism. The optimal ergonomics was icing on the cake. No other Fujifilm camera body could make me as happy as the X-E3.
      That doesn't mean I don't think it could be just a little better, and rather than feeling the need of a different camera, I am hopeful for a modestly improved firmware as noted below.
      1.   IS Shortcut - There is no option to create a shortcut to turn off Image Stabilization via Fn, T-Fn, Q Menu, or MyMenu. XC lenses have no external switch to turn off IS (such as the XF lenses do), so the user must dive into the menu for this. Users who frequently go on and off the tripod currently must make that menu dive each time. As such a user, I would be very grateful for the ability to make such a shortcut.
      2.   Focal Length in Information Display - This would be helpful to zoom lens users. This information is available in exif, so I assume it can be polled for display.
      3.   Y Axis Level Indicator - Could be useful for scientific, engineering, or documentary purposes. I've grown so fond of the X Axis indicator, I can't imagine ever being without it again.
      4.   Multiple Exposures >2 - Fujifilm have done such an amazing job of maintaining the classic features we enjoyed back in the day. As I recall, however, every camera on which I could perform multiple exposures could perform multiple-multiple-exposures. I'd have no problem holding the photographer responsible for the exposure, but a photo with five or six exposures (without software sorcery) is still something I'd like to do on the X-E3.
      And that's it. These four features gets the X-E3 as close to perfection as I can imagine on it's current hardware base. And I can make a better case for keeping the X-E3 an X-E3 than evolving to an X-E4 (hint: any further hardware feature or feature that appears on other bodies are not "minimalist", which is something that holds high value for me.)
      Thanks for any consideration, and I'm pulling for you, Fujifilm.    
    • By eric2410
      I am thinking to grab a X-E3 by this year Christmas but is it worth to buy new E3 or wait for the successor?
      Some rumours saying that E3 will not receive an update but I like its weight and size as it matching to they style I shoot (I am mainly on street photography). 
      new X-Pro 2 & 3 is way out of my budget, so it is tough for me to consider the two. 
      Please feel free to share your ideas. 
      Thank you. 
    • By Dave Sharpe
      Hi. My lovely X-E3 has a problem. Sometimes when I press the shutter (fully press it, to take a photo!) there is a significant delay before the shutter fires. A delay of around 1.5 seconds. Enough to miss the shot, should my subject happen to be on the move. I am using mostly the 18mm f/2. I have tested the lens on a borrowed X-Pro1 and it works 100% - so it's not the lens.
      I think the problem happens around 25% of the time, enough to be very annoying.
      Has anyone else experienced something like this before? If so, what did you do about it? Thanks.
    • By DS122
      Fuji X-E3 for me is like my guitar processor - rule in few presets and then use them when needed.
      This is great concept. There are a lot of great preset recommendations around.
      I like very much photos from Tony Levin, famous bass player (David Bowie, King Crimson, etc).
      Like this one:

      More here.
      Can you help me with camera quick settings that can bring similar result? Something like "Tony Levin Settings"
      I am shooting jpeg only and do not use post processing or any other adjustments.
    • By jw432
      What is this blinking red icon on the EVF/LCD?  I cannot find it in the manual.

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