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What is your X-E3 wish list?

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Just for my own interest, I made up a rough composite image of what I would like the X-E3 to look like, my wish, should they ever make one...


For those of us that favour a smaller range-finder camera than the X Pro 2, but with the compactness of the X100F, and the facilities of the X-T2, that is where the X-E3 slots in. And the specs, well, here are my selfish desires...

  • 24MP X-Trans Sensor
  • Same battery as X-T2/X Pro 2/X100F
  • Button-layout similar to X100F/X-T2
  • Focus point joystick / Two control dials
  • ISO combined with Shutter Speed Dial / Q-Menu Button Assignable
  • Weather-resistant
  • High-spec EVF similar to X-T2
  • Fast Single Shot-to-Shot time <0.2s
  • Better grip, similar to X-T2, maybe a touch slimmer
  • Two memory card slots, although might make the camera too fat!

Things I personally don't need, but some people do...

  • Flash
  • Articulating screen
  • Touch screen
  • 4K Video

I am sure many people will have differing opinions on this. I have no need to argue with anyone else's wishes, the more the merrier I say! I really only post this to throw some more 'positive-energy' towards Fujifilm in the hope they do produce an X-E3 sometime soon...


Pretty much what is above, improved focus and larger buffer with raw. I too love the X-E1/2/ form factor.

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not a fan of:

4K video

in built flash

small pixels

buttons on the left side of the screen

Bayer pattern


big fan of:

big pixels

x trans pattern

e-shutter with 1/32.000 sec shutter speed


touch screen focusing

combined iso / programm dial and combined speed / metering dial (like at x-t1/2)

multiple exposure

organic sensor

less noise sensor at 4000 iso

global shutter

sensor shake reduction systems

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I would like, of course, the upgraded sensor and the digital-tele feature of the X100f -- I like to travel light with one lens, the 18mm or 27mm. I like my X-E2, so I don't seek a lot of changes in the body. On a style note, one thing I would like would be a faux optical viewfinder window on the front of the bottom. It would accentuate the X-E3's rangefinder heritage. For those of you who think that's a bit much, consider the X-20 for instance. It has a pentaprism-like hump so that it resembles a traditional SLR but of course it does not have a pentaprism. It's just a matter of style. I'd just like to see the same style consideration for the X-E3.

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At a time when the mirrorless market is trending relentlessly upwards in cost the best thing Fuji can do with the X-E3 (as they have, to their credit, done with the X-T20) is maintain their commitment to high quality affordable options. Not everyone wants to, or is able to, spend 1200, 1500, 1800 or more a camera. And for those who think there is no market for the X-E line this site shows otherwise since the poll carried out in Feb 2016 (http://www.fuji-x-forum.com/topic/2214-which-fuji-x-cameras-do-you-use) showed the X-E2 to be the second most popular X model.


The X-E3 should get the core updates - the new sensor and the improved autofocus system. The rest is detail. What it should not get is a host of additional changes that drive up the price. For those who want the features found on the X-T2 or X-Pro2, buy an X-T2 or X-Pro2. The options are already there for you. For those of us who want a good quality affordable camera in the rangefinder style we're still on the X-E2s. Only Fuji knows the real size of this market, but the partial information we can pick up suggests it is significant.


Fuji, if you're listening, keep it affordable.



Thank you for this perspective.

My biggest concern would be that it would not be kept affordable. I was close to buying an X-E2s with kit lens when I got caught in all the speculation about the '3', so I have that current price in my head now.

With the new sensor and improved autofocus, it would make the ideal mate to the Pro2. And though I like the joystick on my X-Pro2, I am used to focus-and-reframe from Leica use and could forego that add-on. Now if they really could do IBIS affordably...

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To be a commercial success, X-E3 needs to innovate as the X-E2 did at his time, or if using more than 18 months old technology from X-Pro2 and X-T2, the price has to drop drastically!!
I am waiting for it! ...

My X-E3 wish list:
- At least X-T2 sensor, processor, and auto-focus. (X-Trans IV and X-Processor Pro II will be nice.)
  + I don't need more mega-pixels but better high ISO behavior! (Less noise, more dynamic range.)
- Larger EVF (higher magnification) with better eyecup.
- Please bring back a dedicated view-mode button! (Memorize different "view modes" for "Shoot" and "Play-back" modes.)
- Articulated screen please.
- Fast Joystick please. (Configurable sensitivity/speed.)
- Same size than X-E1 and X-E2! Not smaller!
- Full flash support!!! (HSS, focus assist beam, ...)
- Sync speed min 1/250; Shutter speed min 1/8000, or global shutter!
- USB charging.
- Better grip, Arca-Swiss compatible. (Integrated L bracket.)
- Weather Resistant will be a plus, but not a deal breaker.
- No 4k will not be a deal breaker.
- No touchscreen will not be a deal breaker.
- Very soon please!

(Like a smaller x-pro2, without OVF but with a large EVF.)

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I came to Fuji after being on m4/3 because I liked the ergonomics of the E1.   Switched to a XT1 shortly afterwards.  Love the camera and love that Fuji has been improving it along the way.  I was thinking of buying the E3 but wondering how many of my items on my wish list have been addressed.  I've updated it  based upon the E3. Love to know to know if I can strike some of these off. 


My original post from ages back based upon the XT1.





  • Saved Presets Functionality: The presets are very accessible via the Q button to but only saves photo settings and not camera settings. For RAW shooters, there's almost no reason to use the presets. If it saved all settings it would be a huge plus.  So for example, then I could have a preset for Zone: set Mechanical Shutter only, Disable Face detection, and set Zone focus.  A preset for Friend: disable most buttons, Eye Detection enabled, Spot focus.
  • Name the Saved Presets: If the presets were more useful, then it becomes important to be able to name them.  
  • In the Q menu, the current Saved Preset that is in use should be displayed. Once set (to "C1" for example), the Q menu will still display "Basic".




  • AF Center Focus Mode: It would be good if there was another AF mode--central AF.  Think spot but you can't move the focus location. It was on my Sony A700 and my prefered setting when I handed it to friends.
  • Focus Point Selection.  I have the functions buttons configured so that the four way arrows move the focus point.   One further improvement though would help.  Moving back to the center requires selecting the "Back" button which isn't really in the right spot.  It would be better if it was the "Menu/OK" button.  Then your thumb never moves from that area and it's very intuitive.  But how to support this and the Menu/OK?  My thoughts are that many of the buttons currently have different functions assigned to both short and long presses.  How about a short press of Menu centers the AF Location, while a long press brings up the menu?
  • The various focusing modes have many restrictions.  Ideally they could be removed.  Alternatively, the current setting would disable the incompatible previously set setting.  (e.g. setting zone focus would disable face detection and such). Finally, if nothing else,  it would be helpful to have a warning displayed that XYZ isn't available due to ABC.  
  • Face Detection only works with CDAF.  It should support PDAF sensors. Right now, FD is too slow and unreliable so I don't use it. Hopefully this will help.

Adapted Lenses and Manual Focusing

  • During manual AF it would be nice to not display the AF focus points during manual AF.  They are a bit distracting and don’t do anything.
  • Better, It would be amazing if Fuji enabled PDAF focus points during manual focusing. PDAF is much more sensitive than CDAF and good to EV 0.5.  I imagine that focus points would glow increasing shades of green as they became more in focus.  Perhaps add a cross when perfect.  This would allow very fast focus in even the dimmest light.  I can it useful for even AF lenses as it could be faster than moving around the focus point.
  • Peaking is for some reason much much more effective when the display is set to Full vs Normal, and it completely disabled in split screen.  
  • Dual Screen.  Peaking is enabled in the small screen but not the large screen.  It should be both.  That way I can focus very 
  • Manual Lens Selection only has two customized settings.  It should be possible to change all of them.  
  • In manual mode and auto ISO the exposure compensation works as expected.  Except with adapted lenses.  In which case the exposure compensation dial has no impact.
  • It would be nice if when the camera didn’t sense a lens, if it automatically moved to MF mode settings.


  • Q Menu Options: has improved now that it can be customized and that the available functions has increased.  I would appreciate more functions.  e.g. , Manual Lens Selection, Lock Function, Interval, or most functions available in the menus.   My Menu helps so this is partially addressed. 
  • It's very nice that Fuji let us set the min shutter speed for Auto ISO.  It would be great if there was a way to set it as a function of the lens focal length.  e.g. focal length * 1.5
  • Fuji has improved the EVF modes in firmware and it's so much better.  But it's still a little off with EVF Eye Detection.  When reviewing photos the image, the images are displayed on the back panel or the EVF depending upon eye detection - perfect.  But when pressing the Q Button or Menu Button the only way to see anything is to use the EVF.  These functions should should enable eye detection and display in the EVF or back appropriately.
  • Histogram: the live histogram disappears when the shutter is half way depressed, right when I'm most interested.
  • Histogram: be nice if the histogram could display separate channels for RGB
  • It’s nice that overexposed areas blink after taking the photo.  It would be nice if over/under exposed areas could blink during live view
  • Sounds: I'd appreciate more granularity on setting the sounds.  I'd like to enable / disable the sound for focus selection (on); mechanical shutter (off); electronic shutter (on); menu navigation (off).    
  • Locking: The option to lock selected functions seemed interesting, except that there doesn’t seem to be a way to lock focus selection when it’s bound to F3 through F6.  When lock is bound to a function button (e.g. F1) it’s possible to go into lock mode with F1, but to get out of lock mode requires menu diving.  It would be nice if it was possible to bind unlock to a function button, or make the enable/disable available in the Q menu.   
  • the iPad Remote app is rather limited.  No histogram.  No focus peaking.  No Zoom in to see details.  Can't import RAW images.  It’s odd that it disconnects between each function.  e.g. switching from photo taking to import photos.  Connecting is rather slow.
  • Image Stabilization: I've long since grown to love in-body stabilization and this is the first camera that I've had since 2004 that didn't have in-body stabilization. I miss it sorely.
  • Add more CDAF sensors and spread them across the entire sensor.
  • A shutter of 1/8000 sec
  • Keep working on Continuous AF to beat the top DSLRs
  • Face Detection / Eye Detection is a nice idea but I find it too slow and unreliable and stick with spot AF.
  • Battery life is a common complain and I have to agree. It runs out very quickly. An hour or two of use and a new battery is needed.  Maybe bigger batteries in the future.
  • I guess a new sensor is in order to improve noise even more (it’s already pretty excellent) and a few more MP.  
  • The flash support is lacking overall with the fuji line. There's only one under powered flash that can support remote wireless off camera. There is no support for RF based wireless. There is no support for high speed flash.
  • the leica M adapter is rather expensive for what ultimately amounts to a dedicated function button to select the lens type.  Instead, let us pick the lens type via the Q menu and custom FN button, and release a new adapter that can read the codes on the lenses.  That would be brilliant.
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