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Shoots like the human eye sees the details and the contrast between the bright light and the outside


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I want to shoot a photography but the image looks too bright or too dark.

Here I made some editing (I combined these two photo into one ) to show how it seen through the human eye.

Are there some settings to shoots like the human eye sees the details and the contrast between the bright light and the outside ?


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You are in for some rough sledding if you are an impatient person.

(Digital) camera sensors, film, and human eyes just work differently. Here is a very short, almost glibly skipping over a lot, explanation:

If you go outside at night, where there is not a lot of light pollution, after about a half hour or so, your night vision kicks in (look up rods, cones, color vision and night vision). You will be able to see somewhat better in the dark than earlier, especially if you look up at the stars in the sky. But that is about it. During this time if you left your camera running, getting an exposure, the frame will be extremely well exposed, it might look like a daylight shot or even be nearly white.

Our eyes will automatically adjust white balance as well as can be expected and limit -- essentially discard any light other than what is there at the moment. Cameras -- digital sensors have a lot of individual pixels called photo-sites that act like a bucket collecting the effects from photons hitting them, it is a cumulative process meaning that the bucket just keeps on filling until it is full (white) or until the sensor is read when you take a photo. Grains in film act just about the same as the photo-sites -- close enough for the purposes of this discussion.

However, (this is the part where you have to be patient). Camera makers keep improving the amount of dynamic range (difference between dark and light) the camera sensors can get in a frame during a single short term exposure, coming closer to how human eyes react. They are not there yet for the types of scenes you are wanting to photograph, but someday, well ...

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