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I'm about to travel overseas. I've never been pleased with traditional camera bags, I'm considering a messanger style bag with an insert. I'm shooting an XT10 with the 18-55. I have a couple of batteries a pair of filters and will likely have a small tripod. I'm looking for suggestions for an insert or an alternative.



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your requirements are really basic. One small camera body with one small lens attached. Frankly speaking I wonder if you really need a bag altogether.


Filters and batteries easily fit in the pockets outside or zipped compartment inside which almost any messenger bag will offer you. The size of the insert certainly would be determined by the size of the messenger which is going to contain it all.


I really think that the choice, for you is literally endless. I would simply consider the possibility that you would buy at some stage at least another lens ( maybe my favorite cheap zoom the 50-230mm? :rolleyes: ) in order not to have to buy soon another insert.


You can go from cheap to very expensive the sky is the limit







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I have an Ape Case Insert that's very nice as well.  I bought it at Amazon.  I believe I got the largest one.  It fits my whole kit (which you can see listed below).


I also have a Tenba BYOB Insert.  The smallest one is very small (I wish I'd bought the 9).  Fits the X-T1 with the 35 on it's back, and not any room for anything else...

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As I commented somewhere else, since I thought of using a smaller bag for things not requiring me to take the whole of the lens panoply I bought a very small insert from Aliexpress for about $10 shipping included.


Comes in many colours, mine is orange.


It fits my Crumpler Weenie ( which I had already) and transforms it into a bag for a body and two lenses, at a pinch, maybe 3 ( the picture with all the dividers in makes you think that this is huge and it isn’t!) 






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