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Not seen anything this bad before?


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Which raw converter did you use?

Most of them have a lens profile option that adjusts the image to remove some CA, pincushion / barrel distortion, etc. It can get turned off and then things like this happen. Additionally, you should have the option in your converter to remove the CA that gets past the lens profile based CA removing actions.

There is some in the rock wall as well.

Sometimes the lens does have a problem with these types of bright, high contrast scenes.

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I have found the discrepancy1

I have been using 'Fast Raw Viewer' to browse my raw files. It seems to be this that is causing the problem. When I open the same raw file in 'Apple Photo', 'Affinity" or 'Pixelmator' directly from the file there is nor aberrations at all. This is not true of my old X t2 files.

Therefor posted a question with the 'FRV' developers and await their response.

From experience it is probably my own error somewhere in preferences.

Suffering on the internet front as well so 3rd world headaches all round! 

Thank you for the response.

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