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How to turn off front command dial?

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  • 2 weeks later...

I cannot find a setting to disable the dial completely.

You could set the three slots for the front command dial like this (Menu > Wrench (Set Up) > Button/Dial Setting > Command Dial Setting):
Slot 1 Aperture
Slot 2 None
Slot 3 None

Then switch to Slot 2 or Slot 3 using the setFn button (setFn default is the button in the viewfinder mode lever on the front) press and hold it, then select Slot 2 or 3.

(FWIW I am using an X-Pro3 to work this out).

I hope this helps.

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Thank you both! I went to "Menu > Set Up > Button/Dial Setting", and just turned "S.S. Operation" off. I forgot to mention that I got X-Pro2, sorry for that.

(Under "Command Dial Setting", I've got only two options, "S.S. F" and "F S.S.", no slots or whatsoever.)

It was happening that when I set up manual shutter speed and turn the camera from landscape to portrait orientation and vice versa, that I accidentally move that front command dial with my finger without noticing it and that shutter speed changes without me being aware of it. It was really disturbing. Now I feel a relief. Too many buttons and dials on this camera, just too many, it is a pain to hold it.

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