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X-H1 EVF blackout


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Hi all,


Just purchased an X-H1 (long time X-pro2 user) - seems a very nice camera. It seems the processor is a bit slower than my pro2. Software is 2.13.

Question, is there any way around EVF blackout (besides at CH @ 11fps?) Its really distracting. My Pro2 does not do this at all.

Thanks all,


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Make sure you have the Performance set to BOOST in the Setup menu. That way, you'll get the highest screen refresh rate in the X-H1. The sensor and the processor are identical in the X-Pro2 and the X-H1. The EVF is not. The X-H1 has a higher res EVF that requires more processing, so technically it could lead to slightly longer blackouts. 

You might also want to check your focus and exposure settings in the X-H1. Both can also affect the black-out time of the EVF.

Focus and Exposure

Select focus mode C to vary focus with shot; to vary exposure with each shot, select OFF for icn_ff62-d2_20.svgBUTTON/DIAL SETTING > SHUTTER AE.

Selecting CH in focus mode C restricts the choice of focus frames.

Exposure and focus tracking performance may vary with such factors as aperture, sensitivity, and exposure compensation.

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