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Changing custom settings

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I'm new to Fujifilm cameras but am loving my X100f. However I am having problems when I try to change the Custom Settings. For example, if I try to alter the film simulation, following the:



and try to change the settings to the ACROS pus-process recipe from Fuji X Weekly, when I press SAVE CURRENT SETTINGS it reverts to the original PRO Neg settings. 

No doubt I am being an idiot - can anyone explain what I am doing wring and what I should be doing?


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You probably figured this out by now, but the SAVE CURRENT SETTINGS button actually assigns the settings you have currently applied to whatever custom setting you're editing. To save the settings, you instead have to exit out of the menu with the back button, which will prompt a save dialog.

This was extremely unclear to me trying to figure this out.


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