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Fuji Remote app Image Transfer Failure

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Hi guys, 


Just reporting my findings with some odd behavior of the app since I'm not able to find this same instance happening anywhere else. I am on Android 12, X100V firmware v2, and app up to date. 


When on Jpeg + Raw, trying to send the full quality images (not the "resized image for smartphone 3m") over the Auto Image Transfer feature, the connection to camera drops out intermittently during transfer, causing the transfer to fail every time. This is not the case on iPhone - I have tested with iOS 15 on iPhone 7. 


The transfer works as expected as long as I shoot in only JPEG, or if I set transfer mode to the resize for smartphone option.


Anyone else experiencing this?

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Wish I could help. I can't get my new x100v to connect to the app on my iPhone 11. I have the latest firmware in the camera (2.01). The app on the phone finds the camera but the camera cannot find the phone.  I posted earlier about this and got a lot of views  but no replies . 

IF I could ever get the so called "pairing registration" done I would try this...but 




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Same thing happens to me. If I'm trying to send a full size jpeg, it disconnects. I am on Android 11, OnePlus 7 Pro, shooting on an XT3. I only shoot RAW, then convert to JPEG after on the camera so I can send to my phone and edit. This stopped working at some point, only way I can successfully transfer photos is if I turn the "resize" back on which heavily compresses the image.

This workflow used to work on the same phone. Not sure what happened but I am experiencing the same as you. 

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