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Fuji X-T3 10 bit HEVC looking terrible in Premiere Pro ... any suggestions?


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Greetings, Fuji friends! I'm having a conundrum. I have a slew of footage from an X-T3 I'm assembling in Premiere Pro. Footage specs:


- 30 and 60 fps 4K

-10 bit (internal) 8:2:0



-All shot in F-log


All of the unedited shots look great (for F-log, that is) in iMovie and QuickTime. When I ingest them into Premiere Pro, however, there's a bizarre pixelated swath of green and pink in the lowlights. No amount of color correction can solve it, and Davinci Resolve is no better. I have tried changing sequence settings, converting to Pro Res, and attempted many different encoding formats in Media Encoder with limited to no success. 

Has anyone ever faced this issue? Adobe support is stumped. Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much! 

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Some questions for you:

1) How are you exposing your Flog footage, e.g. ETTR.  By how much?

2) Are you applying a camera LUT?  

3) What happens when you shoot Eterna without any log profile.

4) What happens when you shoot HLG?


BTW.  When I shoot Flog with my X-T3 I get some weird magenta issues on blue sky.  Consequently, I never use Flog and instead use HLG which does not have the problem.


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