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Problem with overriding manual shutter speed (X-Pro2)

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Hi! I was shooting a volleyball match this evening with X-Pro2 & 16-80mm/f4. I have set the shutter speed to 1/1000s and auto ISO, but while taking the photos, something overrode my manual shutter speed setting, and after few dozen of shots it switched first to 1/1250s and then to 1/1600s without me noticing it, pushing the ISO from 5000 to 10000. What is it about, is it some combination of buttons that does this, and how to prevent it?

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Oh, I have figured it out, it is the front command dial I was even not aware of, I was accidentally moving it while turning the camera from landscape to portrait framing, and it overrode my manual shutter speed setting, which is kind of annoying that it is there and does that, totally unnecessary, I can only be more careful, too many dials and buttons.

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It didn't exactly "override" your manual shutter speed. The front dial is designed to get you those in-between shutter speeds that do not exist on the shutter speed dial, so it actually "fine-tunes" your chosen shutter speed, giving you greater precision of control.   This is easily turned off in the menu so that it will never impact your shutter speed.

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