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How to store my Raw files from camera to PC wired?


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Hello there! I am a new buyer on Fujifilm. I own the X-S10 5 days. 

I shoot compressed and uncompressed stills. 

I have adjust setting for wired connection and set menu to USB CARD READER. 

When i open the Fujifilm file on my PC i can see only JPGs and not my RAW FILES.  I use a Sandisk SDXC extreme pro 64GB, UHS - 1, U-3, V-30 memory card. 

(I used a card reader too. I can view only jpgs too. See the foto below).

Am i doing something wrong?

The camera body is updated to 2.10.

2021-11-07 19_27_47-Window.jpg

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If by “see” you mean “view” in windows, there are files that allow windows to view raw files that you need to install. Since Fuji raw files have a RAF extension google “windows 10 RAF files” and you should be able to find the files to install.

if you literally can’t see the files in windows explorer I am not certain what to do, hopefully someone else will come along to help.


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There is a specific RAW extension for .RAF files. If you go to the windows store it is available (search for .RAF). Sorry for the fuzzy details, I did this ~2 years ago so my memory is “fuzzy” - its there and just takes a second to update. 

best of luck, 


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Hello there. 

Sorry for my absence.
I'm working a double shift these days.
I feel like a stupid beginner, about the raf files.
The issue has been resolved. I had not set it from the menu.

Sorry for that. 

I did like a kid, i was enthousiastic from my new camera. I was waiting from 20th June 2021 to get my X-S10. 

Please forgive me. 

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