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Fuji GFX 50R Black Screen when turned on


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Recently had a photoshoot and the camera turned off after 33 photos. 

When camera turned back on, screen asked for language and date settings.

Camera fires and shows exposure info, menu setting etc but will not show a live view not record images.

Could this just be a firmware failure of some sort or a deeper issue like a sensor failure?

Never has been dropped or anything of the sort.

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The sensor itself is usually quite reliable. It is often the hardware or software around it that fails (firmware, connectors, batteries, motherboards...) and can cause erratic behavior. Oxidation can be a cause of problems and the GFX platform has some weak spots for that (read Roger Cicala's blogpost on Lensrentals about the GFX100). Other 'known issues' are read/write errors to card slots causing images not being stored. My advice is to check for the latest firmware and install that. Make sure that the battery is fully charged. Then completely reset the camera to factory settings and try it out. If that seems to solve the issues, configure the camera as you want and test again. If either step doesn't solve the issues, you probably need to bring it in for service. Also make sure that whenever a lens is attached you see the correct aperture being displayed and not 'f0' (which is an error message for malfunctioning camera/lens contact).

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