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X100V - Recall for early models bc of heat issue?

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I have one of the early X100V models and it heats up after use.  It's not a major problem for me as I tend not to shoot continuously or for extended periods, but if I did it seems like it would be a serious issue.  It'll probably hurt the value if I sell it one day, I'd imagine.

I can't seem to get to the bottom of the recall status.  I read a while ago that there was a recall but I can't seem to find anything about it now (I saw that there was a firmware release that addresses the overheating issue by simply turning off the camera).  Any word on whether those of us with these early models are entitled to get them repaired / replaced?  Thanks!

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I have had an early X100V too, but to my knowledge there is no recall action for the overheating issue. At least not in Europe. There's 'just' the firmware update that shifts the temperature point before switching-off occurs. I wouldn't know whether there is actually a repair possible without structural alterations to the camera. The hardware is hard to change I would assume. 

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