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X-Pro1 firware 3.82 issues.

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Hi All,

I've just updated my X-Pro1 firmware from 3.80 to 3.82 and now changes in DISP. CUSTOMS SETTING are only seen in LCD and not EVF or OVF ie lots of the options are no longer available.

I've emailed Fuji but had no response so far. In fairness that may be because our local branch is located in a Covid lock down area.

I'm hoping that Fuji will fix this issue. In the mean time does anyone know if it's possible to revert back to 3.80? It's not something I want to experiment with and risk making the situation worse.





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Sorry.  Very late to this thread but I'm running 3.81 on my X-Pro1 and I can use the EVF and I do see the changes I make to custom settings of film rendition.  Such as change to B&W.  What I see on the rear LCD is the same as the EVF.  If I change Whites/Blacks to the extreme I can see the change on the EVF.

I didn't realize there was a 3.82 and based off this I think I will not do the update.  I don't think it would cause me much trouble but can certainly see it being frustrating since shooting in B&W while doing manual focus (which is what I mostly do on my Pro1 due to vintage glass on it).

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