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X-S10 storing time between two images


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I’ve a just bought an X-S 10 and I am surprised by the time the camera is busy between two images in still/single mode. During this time the viewer and the screen are blind with this message “storing”. 

My X-H1 use about half a second for “processing”. My X-S10 needs one to two seconds for “storing”. It’s absolutely too long. 

I shoot in raw, with SDHc cards (95Mbs/s) just formatted in the camera. Changing of card, still SDHC, change nothing. Camera firmware is updated and I use the A mode. 
In burst mode, there is no problem: The screen keep usefull and there is no “storing” time after 6 to 8 raw images in about 2sec. 
In my mind, the ram buffer should be used in any shooting mode, not only in burst mode.

Is it a usual phenomenon or a specific problem with this camera?



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Hi Zababo
I have no solution regrettably but can agree with all your comments and frustration. Its not the Clarity setting, been there done that,  as you say I just use Burst mode to get round it, especially for Portraits or Street. I think you will find its also a lot faster when camera is set to Manual mode, so it must be something in the default Auto setting!!!  

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I'm brand new to the S-10 myself, still just trying to figure out how it works and the various settings/menus. I did notice this on my camera as well. Seems to only do it when the camera is set to "auto" and not the other modes. Has anyone figured this one out yet? 

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