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Can I increase manual focusing speed?

Garajszki Máté

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Hi everyone!

I've just bought an X-T4 for videography. Previously I used a Canon 200D with an EF-S 17-55 f/2.8 lens. I used it with a follow focus and to get the focus point from 35cm to the infinity I didn't need to turn the focus wheel a full (360°) turn just about halfway (180°). On all focal length I had to turn the focus wheel for the same degree.

Now with the XF 18-55 f/2.8-4 lens when I'm on 18mm it takes the wheel 180° to turn the focus point from 30cm to the infinity. But when I'm on 55mm it takes 3 full turns (3*360°) to get the focus point to the infinity.

I have an adjustable focus gear ring so sometimes I can't pull the focus to the desired point because that little plastic thing that holds the focus ring at it's place bumps into the follow focus' gear.

Are there any solutions to this problem? Like is there a setting on the X-T4 to increase manual focusing speed so I can get from 30cm to the infinity with only a half turn (180°) or at the maximum one full turn (360°)?

Best wishes,


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Unfortunately there is not. On the X-T4 there are two options re. the focus ring.

One is about the direction of rotation (CW versus CCW).

The other is about the behavior of the ring (non-linear which is standard versus linear). In non-linear mode the focus point shifts faster the faster you move the ring. However it is very uncontrolled in terms where it exactly stops, so it's useless for focus pulls. In linear mode the ring behaves regardless of how fast you turn it, but it is different per lens how much turn (in degrees) it requires to move from one point to another. On top of that it is very imprecise. So, also pretty useless.

Exception are the lenses with a clutch mechanism and a focus ring with hard stops (the 14mm, the 16/f1.4 and the old 23/f1.4). They allow for better MF control.

Settings such as Sony, Nikon, Leica and Panasonic have where you can fine-tune the behavior of the focus ring are unfortunately not available in Fujifilm cameras.

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