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Connecting xt20 as a webcam


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Hello, I was trying to connect my xt20 as a webcam. 

I downloaded the software but the video stream would not connect.

I noticed that in my menu in the camera, CONNECTION SETTINGS -> PC CONNECTION MODE

I only have the USB CARD and USB RAW modes, no tether modes in this menu...

How can I add them ?


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Hi Ilanavo,

Sadly the X-T20 does not meet the requirements of Fuji's software. Instead it needs a few accessories to work as a webcam.
You are not going to use the USB port - it is just too slow. Instead, you will use the micro HDMI port to get the video off of the camera. The positive - truly pro quality. The negative - it costs a bit of money and you can buy a really great webcam for the amount you will invest.

  1. micro HDMI to HDMI cable - that will allow you to get video out of the camera. 
  2. HDMI-to-USB adapter - there are many cheap ones for less than $20. You get what you paid for though. I warmly recommend spending the money ($100+...) and buying the Elgato. It gives you full 4K resolution and terrific quality.
  3. A fake battery - This is a bit odd; the camera does not have enough space between the USB port (which is a very slow charge port anyway) and the micro HDMI port. Therefore, you need a fake battery - a battery that is really a power adapter. This one works very very very well. The camera even has a special opening on the side of the battery door to allow the cable to reach the fake battery.

You now need to have the fake battery in the camera and hooked to power. The micro HDMI connected to your computer via the HDMI to USB adapter using the HDMI cable. And at that point, your computer will recognize the camera - once its own - as a 'webcam'. 

A few more adjustments:

On the camera's movie settings, make the following changes:

  1. HDMI Output Info Display - Off (you don't want camera information on top of your video - you are actually going to output the image on the Camera's screen). 
  2. 4K Movie Mode Output - HDMI
  3. Movie Mode - If you have a good broadband connection you can go to 4K 24P (24 frames per second). That would normally be a bit of overkill. You can adjust it down to 1080/25p or even 720p

I also added a microphone to my setup to make myself sound REAL good. 
Luckily you do not need to spend a lot - get a Mic like this (Important - cardioid - not omni-directional).

Again - this is a LOT of work and about $150-200, so unless it is a major production you're looking to stream (e.g. wedding, family event, theater), I would think about it twice...

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