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Hello Fuji guys,

My name is Francisco and I am a Fufi fan.

I used to have a X-E1, then a X -M1, then a X -E2.

Now I have a X-M1 and an Olympus OM D-1, that I bought a few days ago.

I need a stabilized body for macro. So I bought the Olympus. Now, I like very much the X-E2.

In a near future I may buy one of the latest Fuji, or not. Time will tell.


So far I am with Oly and the OM1 is a very sophisticated body.

Because I like Fuji and I have not a lot of money in this moment, I bought a XM1, used, like new.

I may change it soon, because the lack of viewfinder is a pain for me.

My adventure began a few years ago, but I started to make serious progress since a few months ago.

I decided to join this forum to make a few questions about Fuji, namely, the XM1. It will be in another topic, of course.

In the process, it's possible that other motivations will lead me to other discussions. I hope so.


I like very much to fotograph boats, old boats, fisherman boats, macro, etc.

I don't want to reproduce reality, I use the gear to produce my reality, if you know what I mean...


Thank you for reading me, I wish you a very good day.


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