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Bag for 50R


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Looking for recommendations for a bag for the 50R, with grip, with 50mm mounted.  Additional room for 110mm and 30mm.  Prefer shoulder/messenger style i.e. no backpack.  I prefer leather/waxed canvas style e.g. Billingham, Ona (too expensive), etc.  I like Billingham style but can't figure out which model would work best.

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Yes. Thinktank Retrospective bags are fantastic bags - a bit heavy, but offer great protection and carrying capacity.  I have the Retrospective 5 and 10 in the pipestone (?) I think and I can load into the 5 the 50r, 30mm and 45mm.  If I want to take the 100-200 then I'll use the Retrospective 10.  But I'm a bag whore.  I must have 12-14 different bags and my wife has made me sell at least 10+ over the past couple of years.  There is NEVER the perfect bag.  Depending on where I'm going, how much walking I plan on doing, and whether I'm flying or driving I select my bag.  This past summer I spent eight weeks on the road shooting.  I packed a Manfrotto camera backpack which I kept in the car with my GFX gear, and my XH-1 and a few lenses for wildlife, then I threw in the van two other bags.  My Retro 10,, and a small Lowepro shoulder bag.  Depending on that days itinerary I would select the gear, then the bag.  My wife says I'm worse than her but this system works for me.  When I fly - I have photographed various resorts in the Carribean, Puerto Rico, and Costa Rica among a few other places, I pack a large backpack with my gear and since I usually stay at the resort/hotel, I can break it down there and distribute it among two/three other bags.  But I do not believe there is the perfect bag.  Also:  Another great place to buy some cool bags (which I have) is your local Salvation Army store!! Yes, weird, but some cool bags there.  Then you order some camera inserts from Amazon and basically you can design your own.  I have a few of those I'll use every now and then.  also check out Army Surplus stores in your neighborhood. Good finds there - as I avoid the super expensive "pretty" bags as I don't like to draw attention.

Hope I didn't bore you too much.  

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