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Weird behavior of IBIS - A Defect or something Fuji needs to address?

Sagi K.

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If I put my X-S10 on a table (or any other stable surface), focus on subject and set an exposure the will require more than 1 second of exposure (doesn't matter how many, just make sure that the desired exposure will be more than 1 second), set a timer for 2 seconds and take a shot and the IBIS is set to mode 2 (Shooting only), the shot comes out completely blurry, just like if I hand held the camera (which I didn't).

I repeat the EXACT same steps but this time I set IBIS to mode 1 (Continuous) - shot is tack sharp. Why?

I know that IBIS should be disabled if the camera is on a tripod or any other stable surface, my question is why this happens only in mode 2 and not in mode 1 as well?

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I have not tried to repeat your problem with my XS-10 but have you considered whether the blurriness is due to movment or focussing. Are you using auto focus or manually focussing. Try it with manual focus.

I am also happy to be corrected but I was under the impression that the XS-10 sensed when the camera was on a tripod (or unmoving surface) and disabled the IBIS.

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