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Hood for X100v: Go round or square?

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Hello everyone,

I'm a new owner of an X100v and very much looking forward to receiving it - due to arrive on Friday!

I've always used lens hoods on other cameras and probably will on the this one.  I'm looking at either the Squarehood (or one of the cheaper similar-style versions), or the Fuji own-brand  LM100 round hood.

Any recommendations please as to whether round or square is better, and why?  Specifically why round or square, rather than brand or price comparisons.


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Thanks - I'll probably order one and see,  Sounds as if it will do the job.

I had a good look at the article, but it still doesn't answer the question of whether round or square is better.

I have to assume it's more than just a fashion deal;)



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I personally prefer the square hoods made by Squarehood as they have a very sleek profile. The round vented hoods (incl. the one from Fuji) get more 'in the way' of the optical viewfinder. The only downside of the Squarehood hoods is the lens cap. It comes with a flexible plastic one that is harder to attach and easier to loose than the standard hard plastic pinch lens caps. The upside from this flexible lens cap however, is that  it's easy to carry in the pockets of your slimfit jeans. Whenever looking for a lens hood, be aware that with some (like the Haoge) you can't use filters (or at least not the thicker ones). 

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