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Missing files mystery


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Hi all

I am not only a newbie to this forum, but also digital photography. 

I purchased my X-T3 in March and have spent the last few months enjoying/learning about the camera. I've had no problems at all, until last night. I spent an evening taking a bunch of long exposure shots that looked great when previewed on the camera. However, when I connected the SD card to my Mac, It showed the card as empty! I put the card back in the camera to make sure I wasn't going crazy and there were all my shots. Tried it again on my mac, and again it showed empty. I also tried on a 2nd mac and it was the same story - I see the shots on the camera, but nothing on the computer! After several frustrating attempts to figure it out, the shots eventually disappeared when viewed on my camera also. I am absolutely gutted I've lost all my shots!

Does anyone have any idea what is going on?

Do you think it is a SD Card issue? I have been using this card (attached pic)without any previous problems, but I know it is an old cheapo and probably not ideal.

Many thanks in advance



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Thanks Olaf

It's good to be here.

I thought about that, but I have been using the same SD and kit all these months without issue. Even tried on my backup mac (2 different systems (Big Sur and High Sierra). Also, I can't figure out why the files eventually stopped appearing on my XT3.



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I've missed the section in your comment that the files are missing in your cam now, too. Sorry.

If you're trying to read a card on any computer you should always (!) write protect the card before inserting it. All operation systems tend to write some system specific data to the card and sometimes this goes wrong. Might be the case here or the card is actually broken. Hard to tell from the distance. You could try a recovery tool to recover the photos (write protect the card). 

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Thanks guys 

Yes, I imagine the card has probably had it. I have just order a decent replacement.

Thankfully, I managed to retrieve my files from the card. Thanks for suggesting Olaf. I didn't even realise you could do that! I used EaseUS. It only allows you to recover 2Gb, but I managed to get most of the good stuff back.

Thanks again for your help


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