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Hi, totally new to digital cameras.

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Hi, my name is Liam and I bought an x100f for a trip i took to Croatia last month and absolutely stuck trying to get the pics from my camera to my Mac.  I have tried to download myfinepix studio, but the download seems to have been deactivated... can anyone advise?  (the pc autosave thing also does not seem to want to cooperate.). I would love to be able to connect the camera to my mac and use the photo app to import.  This would be wonderful.  Am I missing something really obvious?

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!




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Do you have the PC Connection Mode set to USB Card Reader - it should be under the Setup Menu => Connection Setting?

If you use finder on the Mac do you see the camera as an icon and is it accessible?

The other alternative is to get a card reader

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Once you have the camera setup as Greybeard describes, turn it off, connect it using an appropriate USB cable to your Mac. Turn the camera on. Look in the applications folder for a program called Image Capture, start it going. Your camera should be in the list of devices Image Capture can download images from the camera.

Note: depending on which version of macOS you are running, you may have have to tell the security settings that it is okay to import from the camera. This is due to Apple’s general security settings not Fujifilm’s stuff. If you do not allow the computer to “trust” the camera, things get tricky.


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