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Samyang 12mm F2.0 NCS CS X Mount


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  • 2 weeks later...

My delivery-guy visited me twice this week... got the shirt yesterday and the Samyang 2 hours ago... so of course I needed to replicate "some funny work" ;-)


So...Maybe I'll also replicate some funny work, hehe...



:D  Obviously I started a new trend :lol: :lol: :lol:




Feel free to post your FUJI X LOVE here: http://www.fuji-x-forum.com/topic/415-fuji-x-love/    ;) 

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Are you from Italy?

I just received my Samyang 12mm from foto-klik.si for €299 (I'm from the Netherlands, and the price is including shipping)

It's a camera shop in Ljubljana - Slovenia. Orders can be payed by Paypal. 

It's send by GLS with a great track & trace

I really recommend them considering this shipment


OH, and it comes with a free Samyang 67mm protection filter ! (not that I use one, but it's the thought .. )



link: http://www.foto-klik.si/en/lenses-for-fuji-x-mount/samyang-12mm-f/2.0-ncs-cs-fuji-black.html


Also send you a PM

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My Rokinon 12mm finally arrived!!! Yeah!!!


I could not test it out much today but I was able to take a few shots.


I went past this beautiful tree near my house the other day, so today i took a detour and stopped there for a shot.  Funny thing that I thought I was far enough, where I would usually stop for the shot, and with the 12mm I was infact pretty far away.  I took the shot below from this place.  I did crop a bit the shot, and did some editing in LR.


19192165216_4544fe4637_c.jpgFXE25153.jpg by Marcelo Valente, on Flickr


Then I realized I had to get closer, if I wanted to fill the frame with the tree, and took this other shot:


18597752503_f1c92f026e_c.jpgFXE25156.jpg by Marcelo Valente, on Flickr


I actually should have gone closer, but the wife and kids were in the car waiting...so...some other time.


We went to the mall so I took some shots to test it out inside:


19030753970_6fcd7bae41_c.jpgFXE25163.jpg by Marcelo Valente, on Flickr


19032217899_439562232c_c.jpgFXE25162.jpg by Marcelo Valente, on Flickr




Last one was a stealth shot making of kind of.  The shot did not really come out that good. I did some cropping but this is in a really small elevator.  The possibilities...


19212459002_457816ba8f_c.jpgFXE25160.jpg by Marcelo Valente, on Flickr

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Hello.  I have a question.  I was looking at my shots with the rokinon 12mm and the lens information does not show in the Exif.  I know that the lens has manual focus and can't send the aperture information either, but I thought that at least the lens information would be placed in the Exif.  Only the focal lenght is there because I included it manually in the camera.


Is there a way to add, in Lightroom, the lens information to the Exif?


Thank you.

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So..I was doing another test shot with the Rokinon 12mm.  I decided to shoot out the window.  The shot below is straight out of the camera.  No editing.  ISO 3200, shutter at 1" and f/2.  Kind of handheld leaning against the window.  There is a black area on the top right.  That is a cross section of the net I have in my porch so the kids won't fall out.  You can also see it on the bottom left.


What do you think of the shot?  I was kind of impressed.  Not that good a shot really.  I should have done some straightening, but, I think it shows some cool possibilities. 


You might want to head over to flickr to see it larger.


19096746690_520793b14d_c.jpgFXE25204.jpg by Marcelo Valente, on Flickr

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For all the "bokeh lovin' flower close-up guys" out there: ;)


Cause of its minimum focus distance of 0,2m and the f/2.0 this lens has huge potential for these kind of shots!!! I really love the bokeh of this little ultra-wide-angle!!!!

The shots are slightly edited jpeg snapshots without any perspective correction. (for full size click the image and choose original size on Flickr)

Hope you like it.



1689 by Kwyjibo Van De Kamp

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