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Samyang 12mm F2.0 NCS CS X Mount


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awesome job on filling the corners on these!!! they are great. Love the one where the person is pointing into the corner of the frame. so cool



what f/stop did you have to shot the one with the star flare off the building? ahh.. never mind.. found it.. I was going to guess f/22 actually. nice.

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Great shots dv.!

I have the Walimex Pro version of this great lens!!! I really love it! So here are some examples for you to decide if you also want to purchase this lens. Notice there are no distortion or vignetting corrections. I just did some colour editings. Hope you like it.



Over there! by Kwyjibo Van De Kamp, auf Flickr



Isle of quietness by Kwyjibo Van De Kamp, auf Flickr



Rockin' their asses off by Kwyjibo Van De Kamp, auf Flickr



D.oF 12mil by Kwyjibo Van De Kamp, auf Flickr



Season has just started - 2015 by Kwyjibo Van De Kamp, auf Flickr



Stage by Kwyjibo Van De Kamp, auf Flickr



About Bokeh, lines & green by Kwyjibo Van De Kamp, auf Flickr



Gesture by Kwyjibo Van De Kamp, auf Flickr



Soundcheck by Kwyjibo Van De Kamp, auf Flickr



Purple sky by Kwyjibo Van De Kamp, auf Flickr

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The Rokinon lens is exactly the same lens, and cheaper at most vendors. It's the opposite with the 8mm fisheye - on that one the samyang is cheaper. Get whichever, but personally I'd get the cheaper one since they are identical.

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Seeing these great shots has me excited to get mine. I ordered it last week and it arrives on Thursday, just in time for a week's vacation at Glacier National Park. I can't wait to get this on my camera and see what I can do with it. I'm particularly looking forward to trying it out at night and hopefully getting some shots of the Milky Way.

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I've really been considering this lens, but wondered overall how images would look. I would imagine distortion starts to really kick in seeing how that's getting in to the Fisheye territory. I remember how my 20mm Nikkor use to really warp around the edges. Still really considering the 12mm Rokkinon.


depends on your intended use and how you use it.  You can both emphasize (foreground & camera tilt) and avoid (background & level camera) the perspective distortion.  Its up to you. Not to be confused with barrel distortion. 


It certainly requires a bit more care to use the wider and closer you get to result in the look you are after.    

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First day of relatively good weather since I bought the Samyang 12mm.


My first impression is that it's not that sharp as I was hoping. Maybe I'm simply spoiled by the amazing sharpness of the Fujinons ;) But I need more time to test it.


If the weather is fine, this afternoon I'll thoroughly test it. This is just a quick random shot taken during my daily morning walk with my dog.


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F5.6 seems to be the lens's sweet spot. Also the focus markings are a bit off.


Try setting your camera to AF (yup, not manual focus) then hit the focus assist button, then MF.

I found that in AF mode it actually zooms in more than MF modes, so its even easier to nail focus.


I feel like you've missed focus the tiniest bit.



First day of relatively good weather since I bought the Samyang 12mm.


My first impression is that it's not that sharp as I was hoping. Maybe I'm simply spoiled by the amazing sharpness of the Fujinons ;) But I need more time to test it.


If the weather is fine, this afternoon I'll thoroughly test it. This is just a quick random shot taken during my daily morning walk with my dog.

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The 12mm f2.0 ROKINON (Samyang) is the ideal lens for astro-photography.

With large open aperture and shutter speeds between 25-30 seconds at ISO 1600 you achieve great results.

I like the lens and bought it specially for the night and astrophotography.


Moon light


Flickr   Volcano Teide, Tenerife

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The Samyang 12mm is my first wide angle lens for my Fuji XT1.

I'm loving it... but not completely.


1. the focus ring is quite stiff (as reported elsewhere), and the lens moves a bit on the camera body (maybe half a millimetre) while rotating the focus ring. That's quite an annoying issue, although it does not affect the final result.


2. Chromatic aberration is quite evident near the edges of the picture... I use linux darktable, which is not that clever at correcting chromatic aberration... not that happy about that. struggling a bit in post-production.


3. Loving the f/2 aperture!!! Useful for indoor shots, astrophoto (not tried that well enough, indeed), and some creative shots


4. Manual focus: quite easy to use... although the end of the focus ring does not correspond to infinity... That's actually a bit before the ring stop.


5. It's cheaper and wider than the XF 14mm... better suited for seascapes and countryside landscapes


6. I do think that the fujinon XF 16 f/1.4 would be the perfect wide companion for my Samyang 12mm.

Just waiting for the first used copies (or for some new fuji cashback coming to Italy in order to buy it new!!!)... :-)







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    • By yukosteel
      I've recently borrowed this lens from Hamish Gill to try it on my Fuji X-E2s and write short review of 7artisans 12mm F2.8 lens on 35MMC
      Here's also related 7artisans 12mm F2.8 Flickr public group for lens samples
      I've purchased this lens after writing review, and now just waiting for better weather to make more live shots.
      Also the partial disassembly is planned soon : )
      Please let me know if you have any questions on this lens, will be happy to share more details.
      7artisans 12mm F2.8 shot with Fuji X-E2s

    • By Sebastian_Warneke
      Hello everybody!
      I would like to show you some of my first landscape photos with the X-T2 from my trip to Iceland some weeks ago.
      Before I changed to a mirrorless system camera I had a Canon EOS 6D before. I have to say going back to APS-C was a hard decision for me, I've never had any problems with the image quality of the 6D even Canon build not the best sensors at the moment, but as a travel camera and in some other situations I wasn't that happy anymore with it. I used parallel to it an X100T which I loved, but I needed a system with interchangable lenses. I had so much fun with the little Fuji and read so many positive reviews about the newer X-Trans III sensor that I decided to sell the Canon and all my lenses to buy an X-T2.
      With my, at the moment, four primes and the great body I had never so much fun before while photographing.
      Iceland was a great test for the system and I'm looking forward to the next holidays with it.
      But now enough words and time for some photos of the trip (most with my girlfriend on it) - hope you like it!

      Skaftafellsjökull #1 / Iceland by Sebastian Warneke

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      Milky Way Colors by Dalibor Tomic, on Flickr
      Milky Way Colors by Dalibor Tomic, on Flickr
    • By Zenzaman
      Hello all Fuji lovers!
      I'm curious to know how usable an X-Pro1 would be if I attached a 12mm lens on it (the Samyang 12/2). From what I understand, the OVF was designed for lenses as wide as the 18mm. Is the EVF as slow (refresh rate wise) as the X-E1?
      I found an X-Pro1 at a great price and I'd give it a go. Given the fact the AF speed is rather slow (compared to my X-T10 and above), a super wide used at its hyperfocal distance would be the logical choice...
      Thank you!
      PS: I searched the forum but didn't find much info on this topic.
    • By uckdie
      I get bored easily during daytime on vacation, as the light for taking pictures isn`t really good.
      This is different if you have an IR-converted camera in your bag, which is ideal to use in bright light. I use a converted X-Pro1 (620nm) which allows bw- as well as false color pictures. I have adjusted in-camera settings to produce bw-JPGs: B(y), H Ton +2, S Tone +2, Sharp -1 with no or only litte tweaking in Lightroom afterwards. For false color I use RAW-files which I adjust in Lightroom. You need a red/blue swap plugin, though.
      Here are some pictures taken with different lenses in beautiful Cadiz and Sevilla. If you want to see more IR-pictures you can find them in my Flickr account here or here.
      The following 3 shots were taken with the excellent Zeiss Touit 12mm:
      Cadiz by Cruiser223, on Flickr
      Sevilla by Cruiser223, on Flickr
      Sevilla by Cruiser223, on Flickr
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    • Thank you! This is great news. Fujinon XF 55-200mm f3.5-4.8 R LM OIS has got nice price, and its aperture in the range of 55-80mm is a little faster than on Fujinon XF 16-80mm f4 R OIS WR that I own, but at 200mm it's f4.8 which I can't tell is usable. I bought 16-80 for indoor sports but also for general purposes like landscape and architecture to complement my 35mm f1.4. For indoor sports, I used it in the range of 50-80mm so far, and I needed some more zoom, but I also know that at some other gyms that I've been before even the 35mm was fine when I could place myself near the court. Not sure if 55-200 is ideal solution for sports either, but it's much cheaper and lighter than 50-140. Heck I think even f2.8 is too small aperture for indoor sports. If I don't go for 50-140, I would most likely go for 55-200.
    • The push function on the rear-dials of the 'earlier' X cameras is quite prone to defects. I believe it was solved in the X-H1 and the X-T3 thereafter, but X-E3's have the earlier internal design. The push function could 'stick' in one function or between functions causing the rotate function not to work properly. If that happens, internal cleaning or replacing is the only option. Something that (most of) you can't do yourself.
    • Hi Milos, welcome. I'm too a Leica M user (M7 and M10-R) but I also use the X-Pro2. First, about the firmware updates. You can update straight to v5. Every firmware update contains the full firmware and not just the changed bits. As for the lens, Fuji has two zoom lenses that might work, but they are both a bit slower in terms of aperture. It's the 55-200 and the 70-300. Both have IOS (the X-Pro2 has not) so that is a benefit. Yet, I believe the 50-140 is the better choice for indoor sports even though the X-Pro2 isn't exactly fast in AF. Another option might be the long prime lenses. There are two in this category (I won't mention the 200mm): the 80mm macro is very sharp (allows for cropping) and has OIS but is is almost as expensive as the 50-140 and is not easily available as second-hand. The 90mm tele is one of Fuji's best lenses for portraits, is less expensive than the 80mm, but lacks OIS. It focuses very fast though. I loved that lens, but you need to learn to work with it esp. on an X-Pro2. The 50mm f2 is a very nice lens by the way and if the focal length works for you, you can crop by up to 30% (approx. 14-16MP) before quality becomes an issue.  The OVF of the X-Pro line doesn't work well with lenses longer than 50mm and the EVF of the X-Pro1 and 2 is a TFT-type that doesn't work well in low light and fast action (indoor sports). It has a poor refresh rate and in 'smears' a bit when you move the camera fast. You can however, learn to work with it even though it's not ideal. As for third-party lenses, I'm not aware of a fast 'long zoom' for X-mount. Tamron announced some lenses for X-mount (so did Sigma) but not in this category as far as I know. Their variable zoom lenses very quickly go to f4.5 or f5.6 once you zoom in. Viltrox and others focus on shorter primes for X-mount.
    • Fuji claims that it is exactly the same EVF (Sony-made OLED), but to my recollection the refresh rate of the X-T3 is a bit higher. The main difference (re. the EVF) is the processor of both cameras. The X-T3 has a later generation processor that allows for higher refresh rates. Make sure both cameras are in 'boost' mode when you compare them. Also other features (like brightness and color setting) can cause difference in EVF experience as well as minor changes in the optics in front of the EVF. Fuji isn't specific about changes re. this. I can't compare anymore since I sold both cameras and switched. From that experience I can tell that the same EVFs on paper can make a great difference in practice. So, always check the EVF yourself before you buy a camera. Esp. when you wear glasses or need to change the diopter.
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