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Will Fuji ever add Color Chrome Effect, and Clarity to the X-Pro2?

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Hi there,

This is topic is mostly triggered by the curiosity to hear what other customers who have a better understanding of Fujifilm's firmware update throughout the years may think about this.
I know it's purely a conjecture, just for the sake of discussion as this will have zero impact on Fujifilm's actions :)

I'm becoming a fan of the SOOC approach, and like many others, I'm now going through the nice Film Recipes on FujiXWeekly.

In particular, I've seen some nice solutions for the X-Trans IV https://fujixweekly.com/fujifilm-x-trans-iv-recipes/

I understand the X-Pro2 relies on the previous generation, the X-Trans III. Still, I'd like to hear your thoughts whether having some of those options, like Color Chrome effect, and Clarity, could add something to the X-Pro2 as well even with the X-Trans III, and if so, I'm wondering if you think Fujifilm is now done updating the X-Pro2 firmware or if there might still be a chance to get those extra, nice features.


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It has nothing to do with the X-Trans III sensor, but everything with the X-Processor Pro processor. That processor isn't capable of handling these newer additional features. So, I it's unlikely that these features will come to the X-Pro2. Moreover, Fuji took a bit of a different approach towards firmware updates for older cameras. In a way that will better separate the features between older and newer cameras. The 24MP cameras are now in a kind of 'low maintenance mode' so only the most pressing bugs will be fixed and the cameras will be kept up to date to accommodate new lenses and other accessories like strobes. But don't expect new features. 

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