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Zhyiun Weebell-S LSD Screen USB mode X-S10

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So I went and plugged in my Fuji X-S10 into the gimbal and I found out that I in the app settings it didn't have any support for Fujifilm however it did have a Fuji setting in the gimbal. When I click the different brand in the app it it made the LCD screen black with a white lettering that says USB I have not been able to find in the settings or in the camera away to get out of that and integrate the gimbals settings into the camera is anybody else experiences and is there a solution for this or would I not be able to plug in the gimbal to the Fuji.

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Just a quick update. I made quite a rookie mistake. So I want to check the connections settings in the camera and managed to get a couple of things working so the screen isn't black anymore I had it on USB card reader and moved it to tether connection, this managed to solve the initial issue of having the black screen, however some of the settings still have issues so I'm probably going to research a little bit more in post here to kind of answer my own question but a managed to at least get the screen working and the camera 😅

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