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Remote camera shutter trigger cable


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I've used the info in the manual to create a remote shutter cable and it works perfectly apart from one flaw.

Unlike every other camera I've used with a remote cable, triggering the cable *does not* wake the camera up if it has gone into power saving (sleep) mode.  The shutter releases if the camera is fully on - but once it has gone into sleep mode, the cable no longer causes the shutter to fire.

This is a real shame as I often use remote triggers in situations where the camera will have powered down.

Anyone else had the same experience?

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13 hours ago, Carlyle Bailey said:

I use an Oppilas Pixel N3 with adapter to 3.5 I have had since I was a Canon guy. It works perfectly in my X-S10 and will wakeup a sleeply camera. About $30 on Amazon - hope this helps.

Noted, gonna see about it when I'm in need of a shutter release, on another note do you happen to know if the timer setting can be customized to something other than 2 or 10 seconds?

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