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how to bring back and edit photos in XT4 camera ,once the photos transferred to external disc?


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I am a fuji XT4 camera owner. already subscribed to the fuji love news letter.
i have an issue with my SD card and photo editing.
please guide me where can I get the reply for the following query?
I have shot photos on XT4. Once the SD card was full with RAW photos, I transferred the photos to SSD external drive without editing in the camera.
Then i formatted the SD card and inserted back in the Camera. for further shooting.
later I read  and came to know about the fuji simulations and in-camera editing etc.
Then i removed the SD card and imported photos into SD card from the external SSD, in view of editing them in the Camera. but to my surprise, i could not see any photos ,when I pressed Playback button. the message showing "NO IMAGE in the Cards" coming.
what does this mean? How can I visualize the photos again in the camera LCD screen through the SD card( which has photos transferred from SDD).
please suggest how can i edit those photos already in the SD card?
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The camera expects a specific directory structure in order to playback (or raw process) the images.

The easiest way to achieve this is as follows:

- take a picture and take the card out of the camera

- put the SD card back in your computer:

all the files you copied are likely in the root directory - but you'll see something like the following for the picture you just took:


copy all the raw images into the 101_XXXX directory (or whatever its called) i.e. where you see the single image file

Put the card back in the camera

Now the camera will see the images.

There are limits on the number of images but try this first.


The other way of doing this is to install the FujiFilm X Raw Studio software on your computer - then you will be able to reprocess your raw files using your computer without copying them to the camera (but using the camera as the raw processor). This has the additional advantage of letting you use the computer keyboard and screen during the process.

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