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Depth of field preview in manual focus mode.


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Hi, I am new to these forums, Fuji X system and photography in general. 

I came across something when experimenting with my XT-3 that I wanted to check with the more experienced members in case I am just missing something.

When I am in the manual focus mode, with the aperture set to f/8 for example and am rotating the focus ring, while looking through the EVF or at the LCD display at the back, I can see one depth of field. However it is not until I half press the shutter button that the true depth of field shows up (for an aperture set at f/8 and not at the widest aperture setting). Considering that pretty much all other settings (exposure/ white balance/ film simulations) are reflected on the LCD/EVF in live mode I would have thought that there would be a similar option for a depth of field (i.e showing the actual DOF at a set aperture without having to press any buttons) but I couldn't find anything in the manual other than an option to assign the depth of field preview to another button?

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I’m also new to this forum.

On my x-t2 I have the same/similar issue. 
I like to shoot in manual focus using focus peaking highlights, sometimes hitting af-on (assigned to a button) to quickly focus on a point then manually adjusting focus from there. 
Unfortunately, the lens always opens to its widest aperture between taking shots. The depth of field and focus peaking highlights are therefore not reflective of what will be in focus in the final image. Very annoying. 

If anyone knows how to force the lens to remain in a chosen aperture during manual focusing I’d really appreciate some help!

(Other than buying a manual focus lens with an aperture ring, plus an adaptor). 

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Why is this an issue? It is the same for all cameras as far as I know including all film and digital slrs. You can only focus accurately with the lens at its widest aperture simply because that has the shallowest dof. Then if you want to get some indication of the dof you half press the shutter button, which is way more convenient than pressing the dof button on an slr and getting a view so dim you can't really see anything. For dof do not rely on focus peaking. It wil only give you a rough idea. Use the magnified view for that. You have to have some understanding of dof, (which varies according to how big the final image is displayed), where to focus and what aperture to use. I assume you are talking about landscape. It's not easy but It will come with experience. Take lots of photos and analyse the failures.


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