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XT4 has worst autofocus than XT3 ?


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I just bought an XT4 to upgrade from my XT3 for the ibis and screen.

I usualy shot video with my XT3 , focus mode - multi , face-eye off (sometimes on) , speed -1 , sens +3 , and it works flawlessly .

On my xt3 always works, even in dark conditions , Camera choses to focus on the closest object or the object that fills most of the scene. And also works well with face-eye. 

In my opinion face-eye should be used with "MULTI" , not area , because as soon the face is lost it will try to focus on "area box" and not the closest subject.

Here's a very very bad video  i made just to show this behaviour. Both camera have latest firmware and also the lenses.


It seems like the XT4 phase detection is disabled , and only contrast autofocus works. Camera is not focusing well. 


OR my xt4 is faulty ? I think there are very low chances of that.


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I'm not an expert (but that's why this might be helpful!) but you are using two different lenses in the video and autofocus is affected by the lens you're using (for example, the 18-55mm f2.8 is pretty good for autofocus, but I gather some of the primes are not).  It may be some issue with the viltrox lens - my 33mm sometimes misbehaves when I use it. 

I have had both cameras and I haven't noticed the T4 being worse than the T3.  The promo stuff also said it was upgraded in the T4.  I'd suggest going through all the camera settings with both cameras and just see if anything has been set differently.  

I'm assuming you meant to set the autofocus speed to -1?

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Hi Warick,

Here is what I can share of my experience on the subject.
I just received my X-T4 a few days ago. I'm using it with the new Fuji XF 33mm 1.4 lens as it was explained that those new lenses are a big improvement on the video autofocus part (compared to what the XF35 F2 had to offer, cf the test of Philip Bloom of the autofocus) since it has a linear motor.

I've been testing the video autofocus for a while today. At first I thought that it didn't work all that great, I tried a few different settings but I didn't get a smooth result and sometimes it would not even focus on a new object out of focus that was filling the screen.

While reading the documentation I noticed that the distance limit of focus was 0.3 meters and I had been focusing on objects that were probably in the limit of that range (handheld cam to my face). When I retested the cam and lens and putting myself a bit further than 0.3 meters the autofocus was working really well.

I'll do some further testing and maybe I ll do a video of it if I get consistent results with that lens. I don't own any viltrox lens but I guess I would get the same results as you.

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